​"Ledi Vokshi," also known as "Ledi," is an Albanian-American singer, reality show contestant, actress, and entertainer and the 1st Albanian female to release hip-hop in Albania. 


Ledi Vokshi born April 11, 1984 in Durres, Albania and living in New York City since 1996. She got involved in school chours, dance, acting, cheerleading. She attended Nassau Community collage and Long Island Conservatory for Classical music.


​In 2004 Ledi stated getting involved in the Albanian community in New York. She was part of beauty pageants Miss Albania Globe 2004 and Miss Albania in USA 2005.

Keeping in mind her real dream was to sing and entertained she hosted her own radio show in Radio Ateda with her sister Aida Vokshi called "Thashatheme ", (Gossip). Where artists would stop by and they would gossip about the industry. 2005 Ledi featured on Vagabondis remix of Goca si ty Durresi ka plot "Cuna si ty Durresi ka plot" . The song was the first hiphop song in Albania with a female artist. This song made Ledi a well known name in Albania as the 1st Albanian hip hop singer released. This drove her to change her direction from classical to Pop and Hop Hop. 
2006 She brought us two official video clips, Ktu apo Atje ft.OG043, Presioni TBA, Hudra, and O djal ft.OG043.

12-12-2011 Releases her album call "INDIPENDENTE''.

Since then she hasn't stopped releasing songs and videos.

Also Touring in countries like Usa, Australia, England, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. 

Reality TV 
Ledi entered the reality show "Shpija e Kosoves 2", an American version of "Big Brother". 
In the premiere  Ledi entered the show as a New York Bad girl. 
The series lasted for about three months, with 18 contestants entering the house with no communication with the outside world. Televised 24/7 on Live Tv the contestants wore put thru challenges. Every week she was nominated to leave the house and every week the public in Kosovo voted for her to stay in the house. 
Ledi gained a loving following in Kosovo from this experience.

Honors and Awards 
2011 "Gabimet ndodhin cdo here" its the  video nominated on Netet e Klipit Shqiptare and won 3rd place on Best Video from Public nomini. 
Ledi wins Best Female at Castle Dance festival in Berat with the song "Pretendent" 
Nuk Jam Ajo was the song she performed at Celsi Muzikor Festival by Zico TV (Kosovo) won "Best Mirnjohje" 
Femer Biz-i also nominated her for Best Styling Video on Zhurma Show Awards by Zico Tv (Kosovo). 
Feb. 2013 relased video Ur F*cking Style ft. Ludo as single. 
October 2013 video "U'r Fucking style" was nominated and won "Best Diaspora" by Zhurma Show Awards by Zico TV. 


*2012: ''Independente'' 

*2005: "Cuna Si Ty Durresi Ka Plot (Feat. Vagabondi)" 
*2006: “Dua Dua" 
*2006: “O Djale (Feat. OG043)" 
*2007: “E Lire Si Cigane" 
*2010: 'Nuk Jam Ajo"

*2011: “Gabimet Ndodhin Cdo Here” 
*2012: “Temptation (Feat. Nader Red)” 
*2012: "Independente" 
*2012: "Femër Biz-I (Feat. Samanta Karavello)" 
*2013: "Your Fuckin Style (Feat. Ludo)" 
*2013: "Materialiste" 
*2014: "Insane" 
*2016: "Kush o Lali (Feat. ChaCha darabuka).

Music Video 
*2006: "Ktu apo Atje (Feat. OG043, Presioni TBA, Hudra)" 
*2006: “O djal (Feat. OG043)" 

*2009: "Ti Dhash"
*2010: "Nuk Jam Ajo"

*2011: "Gabimet Ndodhin Cdo Here" 
*2012: "Femër Biz-I (Feat. Samanta      Karavello)" 
*2013: "Your Fuckin Style (Feat. Ludo)" 
*2013: "Materialiste" 
*2014: "Insane" 

*2016: "Kush o Lali" (Feat. Cha Cha Darabuka)"

*2017: Ziggy ft. Christian Martinez 

*2018 "Dashnia O Lezeti" Ft. Amarda Arkaxhiu