I'm Ledi

Business Coach | Mompreneur

I don't know how you made it here, but you did.
I am a big believer that the universe always brings people together for a reason. I am hoping it is to learn, grow and serve together. Regardless of if it is with me or with someone else. The only way to make an impact in this world is to keep on serving.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I moved to NYC from Albania at 11yrs old due to political asylum.

I went from an Albanian singer to waitressing to being a mom of 2 under 2 and running multiple 6 figure businesses remotely. Safe to say i have done a lot.

My first business was at 7yrs old. I would take chocolate from my moms' store and sell them at an overpass by the bus station. Then, later in life, I went in and out of business from retail to  brick and mortars to the digital world but fell in love when I met the service industry. 

While I was pregnant - I had a life-changing moment which was understanding the power of serving instead of selling. My husband and I wore founders of an IT company which at the moment, has served thousands of clients. Even though his background in IT, I focused the development/sales & marketing part of it. All I needed to do was to help my clients find the solutions to their problems, and that's
how I would serve instead of sell.
When the pandemic happened...

The IT company (Voltekit.com) grew even more saving businesses with hundred of users to be able to operate remotely.
Now more than ever, clients wanted to go full remote and learn a new way of working and bringing in incomes. Within that, millions of women were forced out of the workforce, and a few turned to me to advise on being able to still run a business from home with kids.

I had a hard time doing it all myself in the beginning so I was there in the same shoes (working remotely, raising two kids, running a nonprofit) 
I decided to use my years of experience in different industries and my knowledge and implement them to help others.

This is how I needed to help women get in/ grow into the service industry  from the comfort of their own home.
I added in 2021 not just 1:1 but also group coaching.

I teach women starting from mindset to building a business foundation, all the way to the power of story, niche, ideal client, sales, social media, email marketing, and sales.

Through years of experience and investing in myself on experts/coaches, I knew what worked for me most was the power of implementation, repletion, accountability, and community.

To help my clients make an income, I wanted them to understand the power of impact. I donate part of their proceeds to bigopenheart.org, providing education, housing, legal, and therapy for sexually abused children.

We can never go back to normal - we have to accept the shift in the world and find the power within us and start turning our passion into profitable income.

Would you like to learn more about working with me?


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