Ledi Vokshi

Born in Durres, Albania and moved to New York.  I went from traveling the world as a Albanian singer to becoming a mompreneur/ Business Coach.

Having Aidan 3. ’19 & Jaden 9. ’20 has not stopped me from holding off on my career and investing in myself. 

I now help moms start and grow businesses without missing play time.  

Sharing my lifestyle and experiences will help other moms empower themselves and motivate them to follow their dreams. I feel like I have found my purpose.


My passion is to inspire & encourage moms to succeed in your careers while caring for kids and family. Finding their balance with lifestyle, a positive mindset, and efficient efficiency while enjoying life. 


I encounter uncountable challenges related to the entrepreneurial journey during the day, so I decided to share my tips and tools with other moms.  

Because… Mama, we got this!


Follow me on my journey so we can inspire one another.

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